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How to create an online presence to grow your business

Flow Business offers you the tools to start building your online presence, sell your products and even offer customer support. You can choose whether to do it yourself or let us take care of your online services for you.
By Conall Gribben
/ April 28, 2022 / Reading time: 15 min

Covid changed a LOT for small businesses, and the need to quickly adopt digital technology has to be top of the list. In 2021, every business, regardless of size, needs a solid online presence to stay competitive and continue serving the communities that rely on them. 

The first step: giving your customers a reliable, attractive way to learn about your business online, including an online sales and support channel. With 63 percent of all shopping interactions starting online and nearly 45 percent of customers citing online wallets as their preferred payment method, almost every small business out there has some reason to build their digital presence. 

Of course, knowing you need a professional online presence and knowing how to get there are two different things. At Flow Business, we make it easy to get seen online, sell your products, market yourself, and more—a one-stop marketing shop designed specifically for small businesses.

Building a Presence Online Is Difficult—Flow Can Help

Building a simple website alone is difficult enough. Building one that’s user-friendly and secure to sell products and get paid online is a whole other level of complexity—one that can be extremely difficult to manage if you don’t have direct experience in topics like IT and web design!

Our Website and Online Store solution takes all the complexity out of the process. You’ll have two options:

  • Do it yourself: Our robust site editor allows you to choose and modify a template from a huge list of options, adding your own photos; text; videos; and other content to a site that looks great from the start. This requires zero technical/design skills and gives you granular control over the content of your site. 
  • Expert help: If you’d rather have our team go through and build out your site, we’ll be happy to—ensuring you can have a great-looking site out of the gate, no matter how much time you have to invest into the particulars of the design.  

More, the website build is just part of what Flow does. With our Smart Solutions package, we can help you create and online store and blog; setup and improve your social media profiles; build and schedule content; perform effective email marketing campaigns; and a lot more—a suite of services designed to get small businesses like yours comfortable in the new era of digital.

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