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Smart Solutions Analysis: Business Email Pro

Discover the Business Email Pro Smart Solution, elevate professionalism, and protect your business with 10GB of storage per email address and built-in antispam filters!
Nicolas Sack
By Nicolas Sack
/ February 19, 2024 / Reading time: 15 min

Hello everyone, and welcome to Smart Solutions Analysis. In this series of articles, we will dive into each of our Smart Solutions to help you understand how they work and why they can be helpful for your business. Today, we will talk about Business Email Pro.

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What can I do with Business Email Pro?

Professionalism is always important when running a business. Why? Because it builds trust, and without it you will most likely lose the confidence of your customers, suppliers, and even your own employees.

One of the first approaches, a presentation letter if you will, that businesses use is their email address. While a serious domain can show experience, security, and trust, an unprofessional email account can be perceived as spam or even a virus. This means that customers might be discouraged from buying your products or services, and suppliers might be worried about the security of your email account for the transactions they do with your business.

By using Business Email Pro, you can have a custom email domain to elevate your business, give your team the professionalism it deserves, and assure your customers and suppliers that your brand is trustworthy.

Plenty of storage

Your days of getting out of inbox space are over! We believe that you and your team should make the most of your email, that’s why our Smart Solution includes 10 business addresses with up to 10 GB of storage per account.

Increased security

Security is a top priority for us. Business Email Pro not only relies on a secure connection to protect your business data from attacks, but it also has anti-spam protection to keep your inbox clean without any unwanted messages and malicious software.

Constant backups

Stop worrying about losing your valuable data! Thanks to the Business Email Pro Smart Solution daily backups, your data will always be secure in the cloud, allowing you to avoid data loss!

Responsive email

We always want to provide a seamless experience for every small business owner. Because of this, our Smart Solution gives you the option to set up a business email on any application or device and to have an ad free online interface.

To sum it up, our Business Email Pro Smart Solution will allow you to have a professional domain to advertise your business in a better way, build trust with customers and suppliers, and make more sales than ever before. Try it yourself and get a professional email service for your team.

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