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Success story: Symon Sloot and Fresh

Discover how Fresh benefited from Flow Business high-quality connectivity.
Nicolas Sack
By Nicolas Sack
/ February 5, 2024

Here at Flow Business we love to help small business owners and entrepreneurs reach their goals by providing them with high-quality connectivity. That’s why it is always good news to hear about successful cases where one of our valued customers improved the way of doing things thanks to our internet and mobile plans.

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Today we will talk about Fresh, an all-day café from Curaçao with an emphasis on inclusivity, thanks to the menu’s wide range of vegan and gluten-free options. Here you can find everything, from elegant cocktails and fine wines to the most tasty and nutritious dishes. As Symon Sloot, the owner of Fresh, says, what makes this place different is the fact that 75% of their ingredients consist of fresh and local products that elevate health and mood.

Symon Sloot also believes that it is very important to keep in touch with his customers. With Flow Business as his ally, he can always stay in touch with his clients to inform them about their orders, make reservations or send promotions or personalized messages either by phone or WhatsApp. This way, Symon Sloot is always connected to his customers while also getting more business opportunities.

Thanks to our plans and packages Fresh can always keep in touch with its customers, build stronger connections and provide a better experience. But don´t just listen to us, hear it directly from Fresh owner Symon Sloot.

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