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The connected coffee shop: a vital community hub

Nowadays, more and more young professionals prefer leaving their office buildings or even their own houses to work in coffee shops. Read this article and discover how these places are using the Internet to enhance their businesses.
Nicolas Sack
By Nicolas Sack
/ September 26, 2023 / Reading time: 14 min

Connectivity can improve any business. In this series of articles, we will choose different types of small businesses and show you how Internet can benefit their overall activities. Today, we will talk about this new phenomenon that has been striking the working trend worldwide: Internet cafés or, in other words, coffee shops with a great bandwidth that allow customers to stay and use their Internet while they enjoy a good old cup of joe.

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We bet that you probably stumbled upon someone working remotely from a coffee shop. It’s easy to spot these people; you just have to look around until you find the person using a laptop with a focused face and half a latte macchiato. These individuals, let´s call them young professionals or digital nomads if you will, can usually be seen either having video conferences from the comfort of their chairs or typing their keyboards as fast as their fingers can go. And even though, at first glance, they might seem far from their usual natural habitats (the office or their own homes), it is increasingly common to start seeing remote workers choosing internet cafes as their working space

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The magic of Internet cafes is that they are the middle ground, a place not as strict and formal as an office, and that allows young professionals to change their settings, break their routines, and leave their houses from time to time. Logically, this new working trend, this new market necessity if you will, represents an excellent opportunity for coffee shops. Why? Let’s put it simply: we have a lot of potential customers looking for a relaxing place to work and, most importantly, to spend their money.  

Think of it as an investment. If you, as a small business owner, hire a good plan that provides a fast Internet connection to your clients, they will most likely stay longer (consuming your delicious food and coffee in the process) and come back another day. But to be an Internet café, you must have a good Internet connection for your customers because, without it, the whole purpose of the establishment falls flat. Luckily, here at Flow Business, we offer the best Internet plans designed to turn any regular coffee shop into a top-tier Internet café. 

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