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Conall Gribben

Senior Manager, Brand & Marketing Communications

Success Story: Jason Carmichael and Ace Acquatics

Life can come at your business fast and as all small business owners know, you need to be prepared for when it happens.

Meet Jason Carmichael, team leader of Ace Aquatics, the leading pond and aquarium installation and maintenance organization in Barbados. He realized the importance of being prepared during the pandemic, especially when it came to staying connected, which meant ensuring his business remained successful, against the odds.

That’s how Jason came to find Flow Business. In this video Jason shares what made the difference to him and his business.

1. “With my phone, I can [always] be in the office.” 

As with many small businesses, Jason is never in one place. He is both in the Ace Aquatics retail store and on the road performing maintenance and installs – and of course, no two days are the same! But with Flow Business, Jason has the flexibility to work from anywhere—even a parking lot on the side of the road. By combining the best connectivity and mobile data plans with online access to digital marketing, security, advertising, and online selling solutions, Flow Business gives businesses like Jason’s the ability to take their offices wherever they go.

2. “Everything is social media.”

From email marketing campaigns to social media, connecting with customers is essential. For Jason and Ace Aquatics, creating, analyzing, and mass-sending targeted marketing messages was made simple using E-Marketing Pro from Flow Business. It is accessible directly from our platform and is designed to help our customers with everything from building a social media presence from scratch, or just giving existing ones a facelift, to creating new and exciting email messages and posts.

3. “An even more professional appearance.” 

At Flow Business our Business Email Pro solution is there to give our customers a professional and consistent online presence. We can help our customers tailor and differentiate services to suit their business and their customers. As Jason describes, having email addresses for both the retail and home-service segments of his business allows Ace Aquatics to easily differentiate its services and protect customer privacy.

4. “I definitely and unreservedly recommend Flow Business to all small businesses.” 

At Flow Business, we’re all about enabling our customers to succeed on their digital journey.

We want to make things simple and easy to allow you to get on with the important things, knowing that we’ve always got your back for everything else.




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