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Understanding your bill shouldn't be complicated. That's why we’ve upgraded your bill format to make it clearer and easier for you to understand.

  • Account and Bill Invoice Number: If paying your bill by post, please include payment slip from the bottom of the bill or write the account/invoice number on the back of the cheque.
  • Bill Date: Your bill will include charges up to and including this date.
  • Primary Phone Number: This is the first number (mobile, fixed line or broadband) listed on the account for which you are being billed.
  • Total Bill: The total amount to be paid for the period including any outstanding payments from previous bills.
  • Usage Charges: If you have a mobile, fixed line, broadband or TV service, they will all be shown here.
  • Account Charges: Details of other charges can be found in the summary of the later pages of your bill (e.g. connection charges, handset charges, late payment fees).
  • Discounts: These are your savings for the month, for example, if you received a promotional offer.
  • Outstanding Charges: If you did not pay your previous bill balance in full, an outstanding balance will be brought forward.
  • Service or Advertising Announcements: This is where we will sometimes share with you service-related announcements or promotional offers.
  • Bill Due Date: This is when your bill needs to be paid. Late payments may result in disconnection.




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