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What is the CWB Communicator?

CWB Communicator for mobile is like having your desk phone on your mobile and so much more. You can make and receive calls, hold calls, transfer calls and make three-way calls. You can even push or pull calls over to your phone from other capable devices. Check out the Business Voice CWB Communicator Mobile App User Guide to learn all about the functionality included with this feature included in your Voice Mobility or Voice Collaboration product.

What call forwarding features are available with my Voice service?

  1. Call Forwarding Unconditional – this allows you to forward all calls to a new number.
  2. Call Forwarding Busy – this allows you to set a rule to forward calls to a new number when you are already on a call.
  3. Call Forwarding No Answer – this allows you to set a rule to forward calls to a new number if you do not answer the call within a pre-set number of rings.
  4. Call Forwarding Selective – this allows you to set a rule to forward calls to a new number depending on the incoming caller ID, so that only specific numbers are for

What is difference between Voice Mobility and Voice Collaboration?

Voice Mobility provides advanced voice features plus a mobile app that allows you to take calls away from your desk phone, like on your mobile phone or computer.

Voice Collaboration has all the features of Voice Mobility and provides a conference bridge where you can invite callers to join a conference call, with the option to give each of your employees a dedicated conferencing line.

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